swear not to look

The fall/winter issue of No Tokens has been published. When you follow this link and do some scrolling you will find a short story by Okwiri Oduor. 

why writers in kenya should start

Sometimes I discover a new word that has been coined. At least, new to me. Maybe others have used it before. On this blog I have paid attention to the writers, to the books and the need for both. But we also need readers. How do we build the bridge between writers and  readers? That … Continue reading why writers in kenya should start

these are the african writers

The CNN has decided to pay some attention to the new wave of African writers. This Network has woken up and watch the times pass by. Suddenly they want to catch up. Better late than never 😉 . The network assumes people might know about the old hands like Achebe and Gordimer (do these people … Continue reading these are the african writers