5,000 chinese are coming to kenya

When the British long ago decided to build a railroad from the Kenyan port Mombasa to Lake Kisumu and onwards, they needed a lot of manual labour to do the job. Many people were ‘imported’ from the Indian subcontinent to do the job. Many of them stayed on and up till this very day the ‘Asian’ population is visible in Kenya. Many of them work in bussiness.

Now Kenya has decided to build a new railroad from Mombasa to Lake Victoria. The government  gave the work to the Chinese and now the Chinese will do the job. Not all of the jobs, just 5,000 Chinese will go to Kenya to work. 

Given the high rate of unemployement in Kenya and given beautiful government projects to give jobs to the young this decision by the government has raised some questions

We look at it from the perspective of the book written by Lieve Joris on the relationship between Africa and China. 

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4 thoughts on “5,000 chinese are coming to kenya

  1. Great, I read about their disagreement as well. Really hope they fight this through.
    Chinese are investing heavily Nigeria, which is great if it is win-win. I’ll hate to see labourers being flew in while millions of Nigerian youths have no jobs. I know my govt will fall for this same scam easily.

    Fingers crossed for Kenyan youths.


    1. It is not just Kenya and Nigeria, but in many other African countries many Chinese are setting up shop. Big companies and lowly paid jobs, millions of Chinese leave their country to settle somewhere else.


  2. This is worrying, isn’t it? So Chinese are willing to invest in Africa but are not prepared to train/employ local people, and Kenyan government thinks this is okay?

    I remember that in late 1970s when China opened her borders to US/European companies like Nike, Adidas etc one of their strategies was that these Co. include a Chinese in their top management team. And of course it was Chinese that they used for production in the factories, many of them left after a few years duplicating products under a different name and there was no law stopping them doing this. So, in 21st century Africans will run after money and not reading the fine prints that will have massive negative effect on people – My people!


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