sur les ailes du dragon

Yesterday I paid attention to the latest boek by Lieve Joris. She wrote beautifully about the relationship between Africa and China. She followed petty traders and students and labourers and scientists. In this way she paints a thrilling picture of the bridges that are being built between China and Africa.   This month her book … Continue reading sur les ailes du dragon

tipped for 2014 nobelprize for literature

Next month the announcement will be made. The Nobel Prize Committee will announce the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. At least it is my expectation that the Prize will be awarded. Each year names are mentioned and the bookmakers announce the chances. The Guardian puts the name of the Kenyan writer Ngugi wa … Continue reading tipped for 2014 nobelprize for literature

nigeria’s larger-than-life nobel

When you have lived 80 years in this world, there is a good change you have much to tell to others, much to think about. Many memories pass by during the night and they might haunt you at night. Wole Soyinka from Nigeria turned 80 recently. He has written about his life and published it. … Continue reading nigeria’s larger-than-life nobel

i write to prove a publishing house wrong and

She recently published a book of poetry in Kenya (but ofcourse readers outside Kenya are welcome!).  There could be an inner urge in Abigail Arunga that just makes her write poetry. She is not able to downplay this urge she btakes a pen and a piece of paper and here they come all these nice … Continue reading i write to prove a publishing house wrong and