egyptina censors confiscate novel

These censors must do a lot of reading. Check every book on the shelf. Check every book that tries to cross the border. I do not know if they read the book form the first till the last page and have discussions afterwards. A kind of a bookreading club, but a dangerous one. The Egyptian … Continue reading egyptina censors confiscate novel

under the radar: (even more) south african genre fiction

Lauren Beukes gets some exposure, not just in South Africa but in the northern world as well. She is travelling to different parts of the world to promote her latest book. But she is not the only one from South Africa who writes her kind of books. In this article you will find more names. … Continue reading under the radar: (even more) south african genre fiction

uitgewers bekroon kaapstadse boekwinkel

Where do you buy your books?  Often I buy books, secondhand books at shops that only sell secondhand goods. Some of these shops have good booksections. I recently visited one where one of the volunteers was a former librarian. This person had put in an effort to order all the books on sale in alphabetical … Continue reading uitgewers bekroon kaapstadse boekwinkel