uitgewers bekroon kaapstadse boekwinkel

Where do you buy your books? 

Often I buy books, secondhand books at shops that only sell secondhand goods. Some of these shops have good booksections. I recently visited one where one of the volunteers was a former librarian. This person had put in an effort to order all the books on sale in alphabetical order by writer. 

Sometimes I go to an ordinary bookshop, mostly the nearest independent bookshop, that is struggling to keep going. The size of the shop has decreased and other products share the remaining space. 

The publishing houses in South Africa have chosen the best independent bookseller of the year, just last week. They have chosen a bookshop in Cape Town “The Book Lounge”. The bookshop opened in 2007. 

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I enjoy reading about Africa. New books. Old books. By African writers. By non-African writers. Novel. History. Travel. Biographies. Autobiographies. Politics. Colonialism. Poetry.

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