zimbabwe’s musariri wins $1000 african crime fiction prize

One name springs to my mind when I think of Africa and crimewriting: Deon Meijer from South Africa. But not only in South Africa is there enough crime to write about. There are also possibilities in Zimbabwe.  The winner of the competition set by Cordite Books (from Nigeria) is Blessing Musariri and her story “Useful … Continue reading zimbabwe’s musariri wins $1000 african crime fiction prize

good books in a bad neighbourhood

Somaliland is in the north bordering the Gulf of Aden. The capital city of this land is Hergheisa. I can imagine thta this place does not make you think of books, let alone of a bookfair. But, really, this year saw the seventh edition of  an International Bookfair. Somaliland declared itself independent in 1991. Now … Continue reading good books in a bad neighbourhood


Somewhere deep in South Africa is a place called Orania. A small village tucked away deep in the dry Karoo. There are just about 1000 people who live there, close to 100% is Afrikaner. When you want to live there you have to become a shareholder of the place. And in order to get a … Continue reading orania

interview: lauren beukes

Once upon a time there was a bookfestival in the Scottish town of Edinburgh. It was still in the years before independence. People were listening to books read, to writers who spoke. Susan Omand took her chance and took some time to chat with the South African writer Lauren Beukes, who is catching the headlines … Continue reading interview: lauren beukes