kenya’s passionate publishers

Here is another installment in the articles on the publishing scene in East Africa. What is being done for writers and aspiring writers? Is there a future for local publishing houses or will writers have to resort to private publishing?   Here you find some thoughts of the founder of Jacaranda Literary Agency: Jay Vasudevan. … Continue reading kenya’s passionate publishers

east african writers embrace

This is again the hot issue of publishing and the twin-sister of self-publishing. The focus this time is on East Africa. What are writers capable of doing to bring their written work to their future readers? Here are some thoughts by Aleya Kassam from Kenya.

biafra revisited

She wrote the book and the book was made into a movie. You can read and you can watch. The book was published in the year 2007 and takes you back to the independence of Nigeria and to a devestating civil war. A war still remembered. Remembered by the pictures of starving children, darkened plavnes … Continue reading biafra revisited

the case of the arabic noirs

Egypt conjures up images about pyramids and Moslim Brotherhood. A canal and and a river. A minority of Coptic christians. A safe haven for Jesus. No more thoughts about the glitz and the glamour of the days gone by. The days that the rich and famous went to Egypt to spend some time in luxury … Continue reading the case of the arabic noirs