chimamanda ngozi adichie brings her ‘americanah’

A blog played an important role in the book ‘Americanah’ by the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The blog in the book was a fictional blog.  But now something has happend. I read about a blog in real life. An ‘Americanahblog’, titled ‘The small redemptions of Lagos’. Just have a look at it. 

of nyerere

One of the topics that have entered my post is the issue of language. In what language does a writer from Africa write? Will he use a colonial language? Will he use his mothertongue? Or will she use the tongue of her father, for we do live in multi-ethnic days!  Someone who did much to … Continue reading of nyerere

kom kuier saam in die tuin van digters

Let us take a stroll in the garden of poets. That is the invitation you receive for the two days of 13 and 14 September. You have to travel to South Africa or just be there already. You set your navigation to Wellington, to be more precise the Breytenbach Sentrum. Poems will be on display … Continue reading kom kuier saam in die tuin van digters