remembering nadine gordimer

She heard about it in the modern way, via a tweet and then another tweet. Zukiswa Wanner remembers Nadine Gordimer, an old lady who was an inspiration to social activists, writers and politicians.       

longlist for the prestigious 2014 golden baobab

Yesterday it was made known in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Another prize gives information on a longlist. This time it is the longlist for the 2014 Golden Baobab for African  children’s Literature. There are 14 stories on the longlist. The list with all the stories that were sent to Accra was even longer: … Continue reading longlist for the prestigious 2014 golden baobab

the moor’s account: an excerpt

This the month.  The month of Laila Lalami. Her new novel has been presented. This is a book of historical fiction. Who is the protagonist? It is about an explorer of America, the first black one, a slave from the North African area of Morocco. The ship on which he sailed left port in 1527. … Continue reading the moor’s account: an excerpt