caine prize writers

Just earlier todat I mentioned the launch of a book at the Book Lounge in Cape Town, South Africa. The Kenyan author Okwiri Oduor was present to launch, but she was not the only one present.  Okwiri was not the only winner present, also the 2006 winner gave acte de presence. Read more about this … Continue reading caine prize writers

what i want to do is to tell a good story

At the end of July 2014 the Kenyan author Okwiri Oduor visited South Africa. She did not go down south for a pleasant holiday for relaxation, but she went to  Cape Town to be at the popular Book Lounge to launch a book. Okwiri Oduor captured the trophy of the 2014 Caine Prize for African … Continue reading what i want to do is to tell a good story

lagoon by nnedi

There might be a difference in reading a story and listening to the very same story. Would it be possible that your imagination will do a better job when you just listen to the voice of someone near you?  I think of days past when people told stories instead of watching a screen playing a … Continue reading lagoon by nnedi