gash wondimu

‘Gash’ is a title given to an old men. It is a sign of respect. Just like the word ‘mzee’ is used in KiSwahili. These words come from societies were older people are respected and not discarded after a certain age. Agazit Abate is a young voice from the Ethiopian diaspora. She wrote this story.

ghana to celebrate the life of

About a year ago disaster struck in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. A group of armed men (and women ?) attacked a shopping mall in town. Westland became a place of death and destruction. Many people, 67 in total, were killed right at the spot. One of the victims was the Ghanaian poet Kofi … Continue reading ghana to celebrate the life of

endangered archives in ethiopia

The posts in this blog are mainly devoted to new books, new magazines, new interviews, new writers, new publications.  BUT let us not forget about the old. And when I write old in this post I am not writing about old in the sense of a few years, not even a few decades, but in … Continue reading endangered archives in ethiopia

we must stop giving legitimacy

Once upon a time this writer received a continental prize. But now he doubts.  Binyavanga Wainaina is his name. The name of the prize is the Caine Prize for Literature. He has the opinion that more attention should be paid to national and local initiatives in Africa. So much is happening with the new social … Continue reading we must stop giving legitimacy