ellen banda on writing children’s fiction

She did not read much when she was a young child. Now she is writing books for children. Fiction. Drawing the young (and maybe old) readers into a new world. Drawing them into dreams. Ellen Banda talked with Caleb Adebayo and he wrote it all down in such a way we can learn more about … Continue reading ellen banda on writing children’s fiction

writer’s rage

Writers do get angry at times. Sometimes they write an essay to express their anger.  Sometimes they send a tweet into the world. At other times some get together and vent their anger. That is what happened with Zukiswa Wanner and Thabo Mgqolozana in South Africa. They came together at invitation to discuss their anger … Continue reading writer’s rage

publishers are killing

This is another episode in the continuing story about books in Kenya. The author thinks that Kenya is lagging behind Nigeria and South Africa in the publication of books and the rise of readership. He takes aim at publishing houses that stay behind in supporting young writers.  He highlights the efforts of Kwani? in raising … Continue reading publishers are killing

week van de afrikaanse roman

Today, in The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), starts the “week of the African novel”. I was eager to find who would be going to the Low Lands. Any of the young and already famous African writers? When I had a closer look at the website I discovered that Africa had shrunk quite a bit. This … Continue reading week van de afrikaanse roman