luis fernando presents

The Angolan writer Luís Fernando has done it again. He has written two more books and these books will be presented at the Portuguese Cultural Center in Luanda. Read more about it here. 

2014 neustadt festival to celebrate

The festival will take place at the University of Oklahoma, United States of America. It will all be about World Literature (is there literature from outside this world we live in?). The focus will be on literature from Africa, or from writers with African roots. The main guest will be Mia Couto from Mozambique. Read … Continue reading 2014 neustadt festival to celebrate

the wages of impunity

The girls are still missing. So many people have asked “Bring Back Our Girls”, but the many girls in Nigeria are still missing. Day after day, night after night. Week after week, months pass by and the girls are still not back. We do not know what the Nigerian government and army are doing to … Continue reading the wages of impunity

young writers have to ‘eat’ peacecully

For writers it is important to reflect on the social and political issues in their books. For some in the past it was the colonial legacy. For others it is a global view on local issues. How many Kenyan writers doe wite about the burning issue of ‘land’. Every Kenyan citizen would like to own … Continue reading young writers have to ‘eat’ peacecully