you’ll burn your fingers

There is much to say about the reading culture in Kenya. Is there a decline in people who do read for pleasure?  Are publishing houses doing enough to publish books at an affordable price? But let us look at where reading culture starts: at home. When there are no books in the house, how will … Continue reading you’ll burn your fingers

if dad wasn’t my partner in crime

Moraa Gitaa is a Kenyan writer who has published several books. During her hours of daylight she works at the British Council. She relates in this articles her life with books and the encouragement she received from her father who was a police-man.  At the ripe age of eight years old she was reading books … Continue reading if dad wasn’t my partner in crime

chimamanda, dangote nominated

She is all over the place. Now she is nominated for a prestigious prize awarded by Forbes. It is about the Africa Person of the Year. Usually this prize is the hunting ground for people in bussines and people in the field of economics. Once Wangai Maathari was nominated. And now Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is … Continue reading chimamanda, dangote nominated

farah’s brutal honesty about home

He travels far and wide. He lives in Norway and in South Africa. But he never forgets. He never forgets his roots. The country of his birth. Somalia. Nuruddin Farah is in that way never far away from the disturbed country of his birth. A country of death and disaster at times. A country with … Continue reading farah’s brutal honesty about home

african literature: the china connection

Lieve Joris wrote a beautiful book on the relations between Africa and China. On the day (September 2, 2014) that I published my post on this book I also posted some articles on the general relationship between Africa and China. China invests in Africa, that is for sure. And what will be the cost of … Continue reading african literature: the china connection