on the poet’s presence

The Libyan writer and poet Khaled Mattawa writes in this article about the historical context of the use of poetry in the eastern parts of Libya. It is important to see the context of the speaker / poet and the historical context of the poems that are quoted in the present.  Next to that he … Continue reading on the poet’s presence

meet the poet-stranger

One of the topics in African Literature is the use of language. The writer may decide to use a language rooted in the western world. A writer may use his r her local language. That is the language heard at home, spoken by grandparents, the language of stories and riddles. When you are rooted in … Continue reading meet the poet-stranger

identity, power, and a prayer

Translating is treason. Is it that bad and unavoidable? To translate a book, a poem, an essay is not just translating the words, but also translating a newly created world in which words and the juxtaposition of words plays their role.  Khaled Mattawa, who hails from the North African country Libya, writes poetry and he … Continue reading identity, power, and a prayer

black consciousness revival

The legacy of the South African Steve Biko(1946 – 1977) is still very much alive. Last month there was a (re)launch of a book on Biko in Cape Town, South Africa.  Several speakers graced the stage, embracing or discarding views on Biko. He was a civilrights activist, who was killed by the apartheidregime.  Warwick Hendry … Continue reading black consciousness revival

call for zimbabwe’s grace

It must be the most secret book in her country.  Or even in the whole of Africa.  She wrote the book and she earned a Pg.D. for it at a recognized University. But students who want to enlighten themselves are unable t0 find the book in the University Library. Eager readers who walk into a … Continue reading call for zimbabwe’s grace