african writers of the eightteenth century

This Africa-Map-1808is a very interesting article on African writers in the eightteenth century. Writers who were settled in Europe and partook in daily life and wrote books about their experiences. 

A name not mentioned in this article is the name of a Ghanaian boy who was captured in presentday Ghana in 1725 when he was 8 years old. He ended up in the Low Lands when he was 11 years young. He lived with a merchant of the West-Indian Company (WIC) in The Hague. This merchant, Van Goch, treated him as a son and gave him the name Jacobus Capitein. He was educated at the local Latin School and later on he went to Leiden University, not that far away from The Hague. At University he studied theology for he wanted to travel to Africa to work as a missionary. In March 1742 he finished his studies with his dissertation “De servitude, libertati christianae non contraria” in which he stated that slavery was not contrary christian freedom. Capitein went back to the Gold Coast where he worked as a pastor. He died in 1747. 

In 1993, at the very same University of Leiden, the Ghanaian theologian David Nii Anum Kpobi wrote his dissertation on Johannes Capitein, titled “Mission in chains. The life, theology and ministry of the ex-slave Jacobus E.J. Capitein (1717-1747) with a translation of his major publications” (ISBN 9023907930).  Kpobi did receive his Ph.D. for his good work. 

Jacobus Capitein

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