mwazemba is off the mark

Here is another contribution on the issue of selfpublishing. What to do when you cannot find a publishing house? You have sent your manuscript to a dozen publishing houses, you have visited a few, you have tried to convince the publishers that you need a break to show the wider world your qualities.  But the … Continue reading mwazemba is off the mark

old english style

Languages change. Swahili has absorped words from other languages, like Arabic and English. But sometimes people prefer the language they used to learn decades ago. A language that has the air of ages gone past. A style that reminds you of a time that has been shut up in historybooks The Kenyan lawyer and poet … Continue reading old english style

interview with kelwyn sole

We continue our search through the world of African books with another interview. This time the South African writer and poet Kelwyn Sole is interviewed for a magazine that specializes in African poetry.  It is a long interview, so take your time on this lazy Saturday, maybe you read well into the Sunday, let it … Continue reading interview with kelwyn sole