tavis smiley in conversation with chimamanda ngozi adichie

Here she is again. This time we can see her and we can listen to hear voice. She is interviewed by Tavis Smiley. Her name is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, writer from Nigeria. A remarkable voice, she talks about africoness and its relationship to afro-americans. You can watch and listen here.

karin brynard’s afrikaans bestseller, plaasmoord,

It happens.  Murder in the street, in the bathroom, in the livingroom. Murder on the farm. Far away from the maddening crowd. At lonely places. Disgruntled people. Desperate people. No-way-out people. Karin Brynard wrote a thriller on the Plaasmoord, murder on the plaas, the farm. Now this bestseller has been translated into English and the … Continue reading karin brynard’s afrikaans bestseller, plaasmoord,


When you buy this book and read it you do not get one story. There are more stories in this book about Julia Samuël, a former presenter at a Dutch broadcasting company. Let me try to unravel the different stories or layers in this book: a. Julia is diagnosed with breastcancer, we follow her journey … Continue reading review NIEMAND WEET WAAR IK BEN