osman wins polari first book prize

Here is to you. Another prize. All about first publications. But maybe more important the prize concerns itself with books exploring the GLTB-experience (gay, lesbian, bi-, transgender – experience). Diriye Osman qualified and the jury was impressed, so he could receive £1.000. A nice encouragement.  

want to write a bestseller?

You have studied 10 award winning books. You have extracted the points that made each of these books receive that award. You took out your writing equipment. You started your work of writing your novel. You expected an award, but you did not even get a reply from the literary judges. The Kenyan writer Henry … Continue reading want to write a bestseller?

family matters

In many cultures it is important to know your background.  To know the name of your father and mother. The names of the parents of your father and the names of the parents of your mother.  Some people manage to name a long list of ancestors. It is important to live in a good relationship … Continue reading family matters