mabanckou breaks french chains

He left his country to study in Paris, the capital city of the former colonizer. He wanted to study law and thta is what he did. He graduated and worked at a firm as a lawyer. Meanwhile he had taken up writing and het proved to be succesful. Now he lectures at an American University. … Continue reading mabanckou breaks french chains

pain in the trenches

Pain in the trenches. Not in the trenches of warfare during the Great War, fought in Eastern Africa as well. It is about the pain at giving birth to a book. It is about the expectant mother and the nmidweife.  It is about continuous rejection of the child. But David Maillu did not resign. He … Continue reading pain in the trenches

a hug for chris

A text should be enjoyed, and to increase the enjoyment you better make sincere study of the text.  No matter if it is a poem, a novel, a studybook or a holy writ. Bukenya makes a comment about the way the bible is used in modern day churches. There can be a lot of “The … Continue reading a hug for chris

ingrid jonker award ceremony speech

The poet Karin Schimke received the Ingrid Jonker Award for her book of poetry. Ingrid Jonker was a famous South African poet. Mandela used one of her poems in one of his keynote speeches.  Karin was allowed to say a few words as a way of saying ‘thank you’. She does not speech in the … Continue reading ingrid jonker award ceremony speech

what does ngugi wa thiong’o have to do

People are licking their wounds. They had hopes, strong hopes, that this time around Ngugi wa Thiong’o, from Kenya, would collect the Nobel Prize for Literature 2014. But his name was not read out when the winner was made known. The Prize was awarded to a little (?) known French writer.  So, what does a … Continue reading what does ngugi wa thiong’o have to do

obituary: the warmth and laughter of chris van wyk

The South African writer Chris van Wyk has made some impression during his life. An impression that is felt very clearly at his passing on. People remember him fondly. His writing, his laughter and very presence. Here is another article on the very man.