ali mazrui, top kenyan academic

Many years ago Mazrui made an impressive BBC documentary on the African continent and its inhabitants. A book accompanied the series. This was not the first touch with the world in Britain Mazrui had, part of his academic studies were done in England.  The BBC honours this historian, writer, documentary-maker, teacher. 

top leaders pay tribute

For many years Ali Mazrui was not very much appreciated by the political powers in his native country. Especially during the reign of Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, who dit not encourage independent thinking during his reign. The best thing was to follow in his ‘nyayo’ (footsteps). During the reign  of Mwai Kibaki Mazrui got his … Continue reading top leaders pay tribute

ali mazrui to be buried

I cannot remember that I noticed the cemetery at the times I visited Fort Jesus in Mombassa. I walked in the Fort and around the Fort, but maybe I was taken captive by the Fort itself and did not notice what was in its vicinity. There is a cemetery nearby that belongs to the Mazrui … Continue reading ali mazrui to be buried

longhorn nets top dar author

Many of the posts on this blog have a literary edge. But I do not want to restrict myself to literary books (hard to define, by the way), but also other books deserve a place on this blog. Books on history, travels, culture etcetera.  Even schoolbooks do now enter this post. There has been a … Continue reading longhorn nets top dar author