a debut full of magic

The farmnovel is a kind of literature prevalent in South Africa. So many farms and so many stories. So many farmers and their way of life. So many histories in faraway places. Miranda Sherry has set her novel ‘Black Dog Summer’ on a farm, a farm with a murder and a girl left on her … Continue reading a debut full of magic

mazrui’s culture of intellectual tolerance

Throughout the years Mazrui met many students, on the African continent and on other continents. For a number of years he taught at the  (then) famous Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. One of his students at that university was Okello Oculi. He has written down some of his memories of his professor. 


Fransje van Riel is a journalist in South Africa, with Dutch roots. She has published another book before. This was The World according to Darwin and other Baboons. She now has moved from the animal world to the human world. She has met a Xhosa-woman Nomfusi Vinah Yekani. They have talked and talked and the … Continue reading review THE CROWING OF THE ROOSTERS

tribute to prof ali mazrui

In this newspaper article from the Kenyan Daily ‘The Star’ we find more than just a few dates and places connected to the life of Mazrui. The writer explores some of the ideas Mazrui had concerning Africa, ideas concerning imported ideologies that were in vogue in the 60s and 70s of the previous century and … Continue reading tribute to prof ali mazrui