sermon that sent gitari into hiding

Those were the days when a sermon at church could be dangerous in Kenya, during the days of former president Daniël arap Moi. He himself sat in church every Sunday, but sermons should not interfere with his day-to-day politics. His government did not like that. I wonder if he read the prophets in the Bible … Continue reading sermon that sent gitari into hiding

mazrui’s story over the years

The late Ali Mazrui was a prolific writer. He wrote on history and politics, he wrote a novel.  He also wrote a pamphlet titled “When Spain expelled Jews”. The expulsion of the Jews by the Spaniards took place a few centuries ago. Mazrui handed out his signed pamphlet in 1972, when he was teaching at … Continue reading mazrui’s story over the years

is the critic dead

That is the question. Is the critic dead? What is happening to our books and to our literary scene? We can organize book festivals, invite honoured writers, make selfies, but what happens with the critics. Are they still there? And the story gets intertwined with the languagedebate. Does a critic pay attention to the local … Continue reading is the critic dead

you want to give creative writing

Suppose you have written a book set in the near future and when that near future comes near and becomes the present you notice what you wrote has become reality. Would that scare you?!  In this article the writer Austin Bukenya comes close to these developments when he gives a few examples of the reality … Continue reading you want to give creative writing