hundreds of them

There were books. Hundreds of them. Put in cardboard boxes. Sorted in a way. Read by someone, old, young. Maybe some books were discarded unread. I searched my way around the boxes. And I ended up with five books to add to my collection. I will pile them next to my easy chair. Sometimes a … Continue reading hundreds of them

as a language of the masses, kiswahili

One of the most widely spoken languages of the African continent is the Swahili-language. Millions of people in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi speak this language.  But do all these people also read this language. There are newspapers published in Swahili, book, textbooks, bible-commentaries. But how many people do read them? Do people who … Continue reading as a language of the masses, kiswahili

chimamanda’s tiny

Chimamanda has a mind and she speaks out. She has become known for her short stories and her novels. But she also got some fame when in 2012 she delivered a lecture on feminism. This was a TEDxEuston lecture. When you search on the net you might find this lecture. Now she has written down … Continue reading chimamanda’s tiny