where to shelve them?

The building was in a street in the medieval center of the city. The street was old. The building was old. Inside there were old people and secondhand things. I went to the first floor. One section with secondhand clothes. At the other side I found the section with secondhand books. The profits of this … Continue reading where to shelve them?

m g vassanji on the sentence that changed his life

His roots have been planted in the soil of India, uprooted and planted again in Tanzania and Kenya. A rooted journey that so many people made over the years. He took his roots out of the soil and moved to canada. He could not forget his roots and he wrote about them. His first book … Continue reading m g vassanji on the sentence that changed his life

why i am passionate about women in literature

This is not just about female characters in books. It is also about female writers of books. The Nigerian professor of English at the University of Abuja, Nigeria, talks about her own life and career and her thoughts on African literature, the academic world and feminism. Her name is Vicky Sylvester.