2014 neustadt prize laureate

He earned a prize and he was building briges to connect people, to connect ideas and continents. His name is Mia Couto and he comes from Mozambique. He has written several books. His first book was a collection of poems, that book was published in 1983. Now he is honoured and he talked with students … Continue reading 2014 neustadt prize laureate

impressive feat of imagination

He was born in Durban, South Africa in 1970. He studied in South Africa and in the United States. In the end he came back to his homecountry. Now he writes, after a struggling start with impending failure. Now he has a string of titles to his name. His name is Imraan Coovadia and here … Continue reading impressive feat of imagination

finalists for 2014 sol plaatje

The names have been made known. Only three names are left from the long, long list that was made known before.  It is all about another literary prize. This time it is about the 2014 Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award. It is a long name. And maybe someone might protest against a literary prize … Continue reading finalists for 2014 sol plaatje

poet who writes about personal experiences

Just over two months ago she published her first collection of poetry. Hers were not only the poems, but she did the publishing work as well. A substantial number of her books has been sold straight from her bag. And Abigail Arunga has plans, big plans, she wants to be more into poetry and get … Continue reading poet who writes about personal experiences