mozambique’s radical literary optimist

He was trying to cross the border to South Africa, for there were threats of kidnapping in his country of Mozambique. On this route he heard he won the prize, a smashing amount of money, but ofcourse first of all the honour.  Mia Couto talks about the literary world of Africa, his own part in … Continue reading mozambique’s radical literary optimist

a little note on ngugu, achebe

Imagine that Ngugi had won the Nobel Prize for Literature. How articles would have been written and read? But he did not win and still many articles were written. Many writers have not won, not just in Africa but on other continents as well. Here is another article on not winning.  Let us enjoin the … Continue reading a little note on ngugu, achebe

de poort naar een andere toekomst

Chika Unigwe lives in Belgium, but her roots are in Nigeria. She is a writer with an opinion about the developments in her country Belgium. Five years ago she took part in sessions on the position of people with a non-Belgium background. There were 15 women in all who took part in the discussions. The … Continue reading de poort naar een andere toekomst

the booksellers of south sudan

It is still the youngest country on earth.  But it is a country that is divided and torn apart.  A country that rekindled fire and fighting. No longer against their northern neighbour, but the people of this new nation have made their former fellowtravellers their foe.  In the midst of all this one woman stands … Continue reading the booksellers of south sudan

award winners

Forgive me for not knowing about this prize up till the other day. But there is a Hurston/Wright Foundation Annual Legacy Award. And this time around it was the thirteenth time the awards were presented.    This year’s fiction winner is NoViolet Bulawayo, with her Zimbawean roots and het beautiful pen. Read about it and … Continue reading award winners

how lauren beukes turned me into a horror reader

This is a personal story about books from an independent bookseller. She had read many books, right from her early days. And now she relates about the head-on collision with the books by Lauren Beukes. She survived the books by Lauren and she is on the lookout for more collisions. Make way for the next … Continue reading how lauren beukes turned me into a horror reader