pity of the great war

The year of the commemoration of the start of the first world war (or the Great War) is nearing its end. But I foresee that there will be no end in publications on the Great War. This year saw a rise in publications on the relationship between Africa an d the War. Some battle-areas were … Continue reading pity of the great war

yasmina khadra

He uses a female nom de plume, the Green Jasmin. He is the most important writer from the North African country Algeria. His first novel was published in paris at a small publishing house in 1997. He writes about the relationship between France and its former colony Algeria. He writes about the barbarities he sees … Continue reading yasmina khadra

the west is running out of stories, say africans

This is an interesting story on the world of publishing, mainly in Nigeria, but also other vocies are heard. What is the relationship between the publishing houses, the writers, and the readers? What are the margins, so that publishing is an ongoing event?  Does Africa tell more stories, or does it have more stories in … Continue reading the west is running out of stories, say africans