skinless goat in somalia

There is a longstanding relationship between the Indian subcontinent and East Africa. The relationship has not always been an easy one. Many people from the subcontinent moved to East Africa. Some came to work at the railroad from Mombasa to lake Victoria. Others came to trade.  There has also been a move in the other … Continue reading skinless goat in somalia

open book festival, reflections

The festival was held last month and now you can read a reflection on these days of writers and books in South Africa. Many came and many talked and discussed.  At the end of the reflections there is a warning shot of financial difficulties ahead. Will there be an open book festival next year?    … Continue reading open book festival, reflections

identifying the resonating ‘aha’ moment

How many times did it occur to you? What did strike you when you read the words, engaged the character on the white page? It can strike you like lightning: this is about me! This is about my life! How did the writer manage to write down exactly what I went through? Th writer of … Continue reading identifying the resonating ‘aha’ moment