my interest in africa

He spent formative years in Nairobi, where he attended a local school joined by other local boys. He studied in England, moved to the BBC and he made a documentary about a Nigerian soldier during World War Two in Burma. He also wrote a book about the same topic and soldier as well.   Barnaby … Continue reading my interest in africa

the origin of my beef with ali mazrui

What is the role of art in modern times? For some art is detached from the mundane activities of man. For others art is a tool for advancing ideologies or advancing welfare and justice. Philip Ochieng has his ideas about it and he puts these ideas in the context of the writings of two fellow … Continue reading the origin of my beef with ali mazrui

how to save local language

Bukenya has taken up his pencil again, sharpened it and put it to paper. The result you will find here. He writes about the importance of the study of local languages and the importance of writing down the traditional songs and plays and ways people talked and performed. He gives a few examples from Kenya … Continue reading how to save local language