near miss for algeria’s

Last week I bought a secondhand book written by Albert Camus. I had thrown away my previous copy. I did not realise at the time that Camus was strongly rooted in Algeria. To me Camus was linked to France, existantialism, Sartre. I have to catch up with the North African writing scene, that is for … Continue reading near miss for algeria’s

aufklärer im islam

His father was an islamic theologian in Tunesia. His grandfather was professor at a centuries old university in Tunesia. Abdelwahab was a writer who was born in Tunesia and since 1967 he lived in France. The Arab spring started in Tunesia, but people are still looking for spring in many places. A political spring is … Continue reading aufklärer im islam

call for submissions – kampala

Have you found on your desk or in a forgotten corner of a drawer a piece of paper with a poem. Now is the time to rethink it and possibly rewwrite this poem.  In Kampala people are waiting for your poems. As I understand the poems should be about the capital city Kampala. About hills, … Continue reading call for submissions – kampala

abrahams: the unsung hero of african letters

I read his Mine Boy many, many years ago. There still lingers another book by Peter Abrahams on my shelves, in the top lefthand corner where the books by the authors beginning with an ‘A’ start the row. But what has been his role in the world of African literature? Has he been forgotten? Eclipsed … Continue reading abrahams: the unsung hero of african letters

no books, but figures (5000)

On May 7, 2014 I reached 1000 views. On July 31, 2014 I reached 2000 views. On September 11, 2014 I reached 3000 views. Today I reached five thousand views.  “semper aliquid novi africam adferre” was started somewhere in September 2013. I copied my bookcomments from another blog I used, so you will find some … Continue reading no books, but figures (5000)