alexander mccall smith and chimamanda

The Gulf States have a recent habit of hosting serious events. In the field of sports important events are held, eventhough these countries have hardly a tradition of the sports they  host in their Emirates. And we will prepare for soccermatches in Qatar. Booklovers and bookwriters will fly to Dubai in early March next year … Continue reading alexander mccall smith and chimamanda

etching jo’burg’s pathways: book series

The city has a story. Not only an open city, but every city and town and place where people live and have lived and have left and have come. You think you may know your city, your place of living and working, but there are so many places hidden from your eyes, hidden from your … Continue reading etching jo’burg’s pathways: book series

saro-wiwa, biko spoke truth to power

The years have passed since the hanging. The hanging of a writer and an activist.   The Nigerian Ken Saro-Wiwa was hanged in Nigeria. He was a man who spoke out, in words and in deeds. His voice was silenced, but he speaks on.  In this article by Austin Bukenya we still hear the importance … Continue reading saro-wiwa, biko spoke truth to power