joe khamisi: autobiography

Joe Khamisi does not shy away from using the Slave-word. His grandparents were freed slaves who had been taken to Rabai, at the Kenyan Coast, to start a new life. His grandparents came form Tanzania, one of his great-grandparents was from Malawi. Joe was born in Mombassa, not that far from Rabai.  He served the … Continue reading joe khamisi: autobiography

neustad prize winner reflects on the civil war

He lived through the civil war in Mozambique. He took part in it on the side of FRELIMO, to gain independence from Portugal. He infiltrated in the world of the media to do his part. After the civil war he took up his studies again.  Mia Couto is a famous Mozambican writer. Last week he … Continue reading neustad prize winner reflects on the civil war