q & a: novelist tasneem jamal

Earlier this year she published her novel on the expulsion of about 80.000 Asians from Uganda. Tasneem was a very young girl when the expulsions took place in 1972. Her family in the end moved to Canada, where she worked as a journalist. In 2009 she moved with her husband, who is a pilot, and … Continue reading q & a: novelist tasneem jamal

kenyan poet who sings for somali bantus

Kenya and Somalia are neighbours, but normal friendly neighbourship is under duress. There is the problem of terrorism from Al-Shabab, that is also penetrating Kenya. The Kenyan army is fightingt on the territiory of its neighbour.  Many Somali people have been rounded up, especially in Eastleigh, Nairobi, on the suspicion of terrorism, illegal presence etcetera.  … Continue reading kenyan poet who sings for somali bantus

extract from “the chicken thief”

She lives in Ghana, at the moment, it can change, for she has done some travelling in her days. She did media work for the government of Australia. Now she is still writing, and she is blogging and she raises her daughter.  One thing she wrote was about a chicken thief in a southern African … Continue reading extract from “the chicken thief”