charm offensive

You never step twice into the same river. This is what a Greek man of old told long ago. You never return to the same Ghana. You always enter into a new place, a changed place, a rejuvenated place, a slipsliding place. But never the same place. This is what Taiye Selasi says about experiencing … Continue reading charm offensive

mirror of the many personalities

I read his book on the famous rugbymatch at which president Nelson Mandela donned the outfit of the Springboks, the South African national rugbyteam. This books was turned into the movie INVICTUS.  The author John Carlin talks in this interview about another sportsevent. He talks about the sportman Oscar Pistorious.

andré p. brink awarded

A number of his books have found shelter on my shelves. Nicely gathered at the place of B. in the alphabetical order of things. One of his books I have read. It was about a plague and a journey in Europe. Now all these other books are still looking at me and biding their time. … Continue reading andré p. brink awarded


L’amour seems to be connected with the eternal city of love: Paris. But I doubt Paris has more love than other cities or villages or even hamlets. It is a nice trick by marketeers and the message is passed on from one generation to the next. The writer of this collection lives in France, the … Continue reading review LE PREMIER AMOUR EST TOUJOURS LE DERNIER