(not) five african novels to read before you die

This morning (at least in my time zone) I wrote about a list of five African novels to be read before you die. I do not know if there is an assumption that you cannot read in the afterlife.

The day after this list was originally published Aaron Bady, from another shore of the same ocean, decided to write about these five African novels. Well, he is aiming some criticism at mr. Nicholls. Bady adds the concept of ‘contemporary’ African literary. Probably, contemporary to your own age.  So, in the end he does the same as Nicholls, but on a larger scale.

Bady seems not to have have know about Franco-phone literature from Africa (but maybe this is just a rhetorical move). Well, there is Luso-phone literature as well in Africa. And for that matter: Arabo-phone literature from the north, Boero-phone literature from the very south, Somalo-phone literature from north-east, Amharico-phone from Ethiopia (Amharic is the second largest Semetic language in the world !!), and there is, from the same country, a centuries old Ge’ezo-phone literature (for liturgical use in Ethiopian and Eritrean Churches). I am not sure about the situation of Tigrinyo-phone literature, please enlighten me, dear readers.

Feel free to read all the lists your eyes can feast on.

But first of all, enjoy reading your books (not necessarily his of her books). Just do your own inquiry.

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I enjoy reading about Africa. New books. Old books. By African writers. By non-African writers. Novel. History. Travel. Biographies. Autobiographies. Politics. Colonialism. Poetry.

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