nouvelles voix du caine prize

In the Anglophone world there is due attention for the writers who have been linked to the Caine Prize. Now you can find here a voice from the Francophone world. Let these writers be heard in many languages. 

excerpt from askari:

The word ‘askari’ originated in the 19th century, according to my edition of The Collins English Dictionary. It is derived from an Arabic word, meaning ‘soldier’. The word ‘askari’ is used in the Swahili-language in East Africa, with the meaning of ‘soldier’, ‘policeman’, ‘guard’, ‘security personel’. But the word also pops up in South Africa … Continue reading excerpt from askari:

honour ngugi at home first

When are our creative dreams valid? When these dreams obtain a prize (small or large)? When you fulfill these dreams, even when others pass by without looking at your achievements?  The validity seems to me to be more in the achieving your dream. When you expect glorification by others, you might wait a long time. … Continue reading honour ngugi at home first