worldreader: mobile publishing

New waves have to be devised to tap the enormous potential of new readers. Some people put in a commendable effort to start small libraries all over the place, but this entails enourmous logistic challenges.  There is a growing marker for readers who use mobiel devices, be it an e-reader or a mobile telephone. On … Continue reading worldreader: mobile publishing

interview: laila lalami

This is an installment of a series of interviews with writers who have African roots. Aaron Bady is the one who does the questions, but at times he seems to be a bit of a lawyer of the writers as well. He does not take lightly a critical review of a book by one of … Continue reading interview: laila lalami

lächeln über nichts ist etwas typisch weisses

Is it typically ‘white-ish’ to laugh for no reason?   I do not know, but NoViolet Bulawayo thinks so. She said it in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt.  The writer of this article refers to a video in which Bulawayo talks about her novel, that is so succesfull. On this video she … Continue reading lächeln über nichts ist etwas typisch weisses