extraordinary life: antjie krog

She speaks clearly to her fellowmen. In her journalsitic wrok. In her poetry. Her first book of poetry was published when she was 17 years young. She contuinued, notwithstanding the changes in the political moods in her country South Africa. In this podcast two people talk about her work. One is the musician Zolani Mahola. The … Continue reading extraordinary life: antjie krog

the horrors of the vault

The camp was on the border of South Africa and Botswana. It was a place where young men were send to be real men, real fighting machine for the South African army. Gordon Torr was one of these young men. Now he has written a book about this camp, fiction. But sometimes fiction is closer … Continue reading the horrors of the vault

internet revolution can destroy scholarship

Due to the internet I can make this blog. Due to this very same internet I come across names of writers with an African bend. Due to the internet I can find some background information to these writers, who were unknown to me. So, what is the trouble with the internet? Will it distract me … Continue reading internet revolution can destroy scholarship


The young girl lowered her eyes, a sign of respect. Respect shown to her father and her mother. But at the same time this young girl, Fathima, is exploring a new world, a world that is kept at a distance by her mother and that is only explored on the surface by her father. Fathima … Continue reading review LES YEUX BAISSÉS