nothing wrong with ngugi’s change

Here is an interesting article on the relationship between the work of a writer and his political/military involvement. We can think about the way Ali Mazrui wrote about the Nigerian poet Christopher Okigbo, who took up arms during the civil war. Could he keep enough distance to continue to be a poet? Philip Ochieng looks … Continue reading nothing wrong with ngugi’s change

in conversation: s.j. naudé and ivan vladislavic

The two men, Fanie and Ivan, wrote letters. In this article they use the English language. In the letters they exchanged they write about and ask questions concerning the work of translating pieces of literature. They discover the spaces inbetween the English language and the Afrikaner language and how to translate from one language to … Continue reading in conversation: s.j. naudé and ivan vladislavic

a tribute to asenath bole odaga

She did a lot, this old lady Asenath Bole Odaga, who died a few weeks ago. She lectured at the University of Nairobi. She ran a bookshop in Kisumu. She published books in Dholuo. She wrote books with traditional stories. She wrote textbooks for schools. She worked on a dictionary In all of this she … Continue reading a tribute to asenath bole odaga

jennifer makumbi: a literary market

She made the headlines with the publication of her ‘Kintu”. Now she talks about publishing in Uganda, Kenya and some other places. Local publishing has not been something writers looked forward to, they preferred a publication in the faraway north. Read some of the ideas that Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi expressed in this interview.