african investigative journalists

Evelien (or Evelyn) is a Dutch journalist who worked for many years in and from South Africa. She has written a book on her time in South Africa. She is involved in the specialism of investigative journalism. Here she gives her views on this form of journalism in Africa. 

video: sudanese writer

It must be very special, to have your birthday turned into an annual celebration of literature. I happend to the birthday of the celebrated Egyptian writer and Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz. The writer himself passed away in 2006.  It has been announced that Hammour Ziada is this year’s winner of the Mahfouz Medal. You … Continue reading video: sudanese writer


David du Plessis was a South African who rose to fame within Pentecostal churchcircles. He was one of the driving forces behind the improving relationships between churches worldwide (mainly World Council of Churches) and the fast growing pentecostal movement.  He was born in 1905  near Cape Town. His parents joined the movement that was started … Continue reading review A MAN CALLED MR. PENTECOST