a conversation with sofia samatar

‘A stranger in Olondria’ is written by Sofia Samatar. She herself is no stranger to contact with the media. Her name has been made known around the globe. Here you find an interview with the writer with Somali roots.    Is this book about literacy? What does the author think about it?   

algérie: des artistes en quête

There is a problem in Algeria. A muslim cleric has uttered a fatwah because the writer Kamel Daoud has said and written things that according to the cleric show his apostasy. Algerians have asked the government to intervene.  The Algerian government is not always on good speaking terms with writers, e.g. the books by Boualem … Continue reading algérie: des artistes en quête

politicians react to the kizza besigye book

The political scene in the East African country has been dominated for many years by president Museveni. He started from the (in)famous Luweero-triangle to capture power in this country that was once called ‘The pearl of Africa’. Lately he has made the headlines with his policies on the gay-population and his anti-International Criminal Court statements. … Continue reading politicians react to the kizza besigye book

uittreksel: df malan en die opkoms

D.F. Malan was one of the leading politicians during the days of Afrikaner dominance in the politics in South Africa. This year Lindie Koorts wrote an extensive biography on the man with the title “DF Malan en die opkoms van Afrikaner-nationalisme”.  In the meantime this book has been translated into English. Here you find a … Continue reading uittreksel: df malan en die opkoms