islamists al-qaradawi and qutb books

The relationship between writers and governments can be tricky. Look at the anti-apartheid literature in South Africa. Egypt now gets its fair share of this problem. An enormous bookfair got underway. Now some titles have disappeared from display? Why? Who is the culprit? Did the government decide about it or was it the publisher after complaints … Continue reading islamists al-qaradawi and qutb books

koue pole se hart klop warm vir afrikaans

It is an unlikely place for the study of the Afrikaner language. You might expect a secluded area in The Netherlands and Belgium with the Dutch language as the mother language of Afrikaner. Maybe even in Germany as the basis of Germanic langiages. But even in Poland student care about the Afrikaner language and they … Continue reading koue pole se hart klop warm vir afrikaans

the reluctant writer

The South African Michiel Heyns is a writer, but also a translator. He translated the book ‘Agaat’ by Marlene van Niekerk into English. This is the very book I am reading at the moment. It must have been an enormous task to translate this book.  Michiel Heyns talks about his way of writing, the hard … Continue reading the reluctant writer

how my father’s jailer

I remember the days of Shehu Shagari. When he was president it was a civilian time in an age of military men. Before him and after him the men in uniform were convinced they could do better (in what?). In 1984 Shehu Shagari was overthrown by Muhammadu Buhari. One of the many people who suffered … Continue reading how my father’s jailer