a ce point, la passivité

The Algerian writer Boualem Sansal knows what it is to feel the wrath of other people for his opinion and his actions. Once he was awarded a literary prize, but later on the prize was denied him, because he had gone to Israel.   Read what Boualem Sansal has to say about the events at … Continue reading a ce point, la passivité

inside story of a sa’s jailed drug

When I think of international drugtrafficking I think of Latin American countries, for instance C0lombia. But let us not forget South Africa.  Hazel Friedman, who is a journalist, did thorough research into the role of South Africa in the world of drugtrafficking. She travelled to the Asian country Thailand to see how the mules are … Continue reading inside story of a sa’s jailed drug

when the lions came to town

President Nelson Mandela donned a shirt of the Springboks, the story ended up in a book and was turned into a movie with Morgan Freeman. It was a very good publicity-move, for rugby is very, very important in South Africa. And why not use it for your own political aims?  In 1974 the political aims … Continue reading when the lions came to town