woordfees 2015

In the month of March the Woordfees will be held again in South Africa. many writers will come together with readers to talk about their work, to have sessions on topics as money and spirituality. Have a closer look at the programme. 

la vocation de l’islam

We can read the voice of the Algerian writer Boualem Sandal again. He is a man and a writer who has experienced the socalled peaceful approach of islam at first hand in his own country. He once was denied a literary prize by the Arab sponsors, when the sponsors found out he had travelled to … Continue reading la vocation de l’islam

la passivité des musulmans est mortelle»

Here is another voice from Africa. This will be voice number 10. This man of the voice is the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal. He talks about the passive attitude of muslims in the French newspaper Le Figaro (based on the magazine L’Express).  He does not agree with the slogan ‘Je suis Charlie’, for it excludes … Continue reading la passivité des musulmans est mortelle»