things to come

The event took place last year, in the last Month, on the third day. The event was real, not the opposite of reality. I did not take place in the future, nor in the past.  There was even a place where it took place. The University of Texas (U.S. of A.) was the eventful place.  … Continue reading things to come

a brief history of nonduality

Finally we have a brief history.  Not a brief history of history, but of nonduality. Duality has along history especially in the Middle East, where two powers were trying to gain the upper hand. Also in some farflung corners of Christianity duality tried to gain a foothold.  Now Sofia Samatar has written about nonduality from … Continue reading a brief history of nonduality

more on the importance of writing

Writing might be a lonely adventure. You sit at your desk, you live like a recluse and in the end that brilliant book of collection of poems travels to the publisher and to the heart of thousands of readers.   You might take a different turn. You can have discussions with fellowwriters on your progress, … Continue reading more on the importance of writing

penny de vries vows to read

Nothing special about reading. But this is slightly different. Penny de Vries from South Africa had decided to read books in 2015, books by South African authors, fiction-books. And in the end she will blog about these books. What a nice prospect for her and those who want to follow her blog. You can have … Continue reading penny de vries vows to read