reading animal farm

Once upon a time there was a publishing house. One day someone in the house made an important decision. He (or she) made it known to the other people in the house and next the people in the village heard about it and soon the news spread.  The man (or the woman) had made the … Continue reading reading animal farm

the amazigh of libya

One one hand the important languages in Africa do get more important due to prolonged education. On the other hand minority languages are not wiped from the linguistic surface of Africa. The Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o wanted to write in his mothertongue. Here you find some information on a minority language in Libya. Due … Continue reading the amazigh of libya

problem with kenyan publishers

If it is true what the, South African but living in Kenya, writer Zukiswa Wanner says about the publishing houses in Kenya, there is a lot of work to be done by these houses and their occupants. One of the worrying issues she mentions is the work of an editor. Proper grammar. Proper spelling. Proper … Continue reading problem with kenyan publishers