the gentleman behind the gentle crime

His books are about crime and very enjoyable. The books are about crime, but most of all they are about the first female private detective, Mma Precious Ramotswe, in Botswana. She is the woman who is traditionally built and who is called upon to solve all kinds of mysteries, often man-made. Here you find an interview … Continue reading the gentleman behind the gentle crime

give me coffee and I write

When I write a haiku I just need a piece of paper and a pen. I can sit at my diningtable. I can sit in an easy chair. At times I do not need a piece of paper, just peace of mind. When I walk around sometimes a line pops up in my thoughts and … Continue reading give me coffee and I write

review FRIDA

It was 1994. The year of the manmade disaster in Rwanda. Neigbour killed neighbour. Relative killed relative. Friend killed friend. Thousands upon thousands died in the killing fields and hills of Rwanda. Some managed to find refuge in a neigbouring country, some found refuge outside the continent. Some managed to survive within the borders of the … Continue reading review FRIDA