lola shoneyin: a passionate author

Indeed, she is a passionate author. Her name is Lola Shenoyin and she is Nigerian. She writes poetry and she writes novels. She is not just a writer, but she puts her energy into other facets of the literary world as well. She organizes and she stimulates and she festivals. So let us read this … Continue reading lola shoneyin: a passionate author

a book in every hand

There are many initiatives to get children to read. Initiatives to get parents to read to their children. Grandparents to read to their grandchildren. Libraries in rural areas. Here we find one of the initiatives in the East African Kenya. The young Wanja Kibuki has seen the impact of illiteracy. She want to get books … Continue reading a book in every hand

poetry, poetry and poetry (revisited)

Just the other day (the day before yesterday) I reffered you to a poetry bash in the Ugandan capital Kampala. I had added a very nice poster that announces the event. And I added a comment on the meeting of Klimt and Kampala. When I looked at the poster my thoughts moved to the Austrian … Continue reading poetry, poetry and poetry (revisited)