sudanese novelist

To make a longlist for a literary prize includes denying many books and writers a place on that very same longlist.  When we reach the stage of the shortlist the number of pople and books left out is even longer. The Sudanese novelist Hammour Ziada (who lives in Cairo, Egypt) talks about his recent work … Continue reading sudanese novelist

jodi picoult speaks with authority

Her name is Jodi Picoult and she comes from the United States of America. She has written many books and recently she has, in collaboration with her daughter Samantha, turned to Young Adult books as well. Last year she published her book ‘Leaving Time’, set in South Africa. Here you find the written form of … Continue reading jodi picoult speaks with authority

13 long listed for the act

This is all about a literary prize in Nigeria. 13 books have been put on the long list. The prize is to encourage young writers in the agegroup of 16-26 year. There are quite a few writers who fall into this category. The prize was initiated by the writer Chika Unigwe.  Here you find the … Continue reading 13 long listed for the act


Much is happening between China and several African countries. Many Chinese come to Africa to find work, some in the wake of contracts that the Chinese government made with African countries. About a century ago many people from the Indian subcontinent moved to East Africa to work on the railroad form Mombasa to Lake Victoria. … Continue reading review FONG AND THE INDIANS